Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

Kamilya Jubran (singer, oud) and Werner Hasler (trumpet, electronics) have been collaborating since 2002. Their first collaboration Mahattaat was their earliest experiment into bringing together disparate cultural and artistic roots. Their next collaboration, Wameedd, releasedin2004, combined Jubran’s vocal skill and limitless imagination with Hasler’s melodies and his original aesthetics in electronic music. The duo then released Wanabni in 2010 followed by Wasl in 2016, featuring French double bass player Sarah Murcia. 

Werner Hasler is a Swiss/Liechtenstein composer, trumpet player and electronic musician. Besides his long standing collaboration with Jubran, he runs The Outer String, a loose formation of cello, trumpet, electronics and drums. In the past years he has been working in various collaborations (with Hugo Ryser, Carlo Niederhauser, Vincent Courtois and many more) on hybrids of exhibition/installation and live performance. His most recent work O UT THERE completes a trilogy. OUT (2016), OUT TOO (2018) and OUT THERE (2019) are space filling, audio-visual installations including live sets with audio-surround. Hasler also lectures on Electronics & Music at Hochschule der Künste in Bern.

After her long career as the lead singer and qanoun player with the monumental Palestinian group Sabreen, Kamilya Jubran moved to Europe in 2002 and continued her search for an original musical expression on vocals and oud, whilst exploring new spaces and horizons for her compositions and texts through the various projects she instigates and is part of. Werner Hasler and Sarah Murcia featured in her first solo project Mahattaat in Switzerland in 2002, since then both becoming her main musical collaborators. Her collaborations with other artists include Sylvain Cathala, Mela Meierhans, Sawsan Darwaza, Mark Tompkins and Jon Balke. Jubran is the artistic director for Zamkana Association, which she also co-founded in October 2014 in Paris. Zamkana supports and accompanies original innovative artistic projects, supporting freedom of expression and secularism. Sodassi (Arabic for sextet, featuring Youmna Saba, Dina el Wedidi, Maya Khaldi, Ayed Fadel, Rasha Nahas and Sama’ Abdulhadi) is Zamkana's fist artistic production starting in 2018.

Discography (Akuphone only)
  • Wa. 2020 (LP/DL AKU1025)