Władysław Komendarek

Władysław Komendarek

Władysław Komendarek (born October 10, 1948 in Sochaczew) is an instrumentalist and composer of electronic music. In the years 1973-1983 he was a member of the legendary group Exodus. He performed extensively in a variety of music festivals: rock (Jarocin - Poland), electronic (KLEM Nijmege - The Netherlands, Dresden - Germany, Linz - Austria) and jazz (Jazz Jamboree). He is still musically active, composing soundtracks for movies and theatre plays, among other things. He performs both in Poland and abroad, surprising his listeners with innovative solutions and ideas. He has been inspired by bands such as: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, Hollies, The Shadows, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Emerson Lake Palmer, Jimmy Smith, Refugee, Peter Gabriel, Yes, Kinks, Genesis, Tangerine Dream, Supertramp, Ten Years After, Jan Hammer. 

As a composer he is still exploring plenty of styles: progressive rock, metal, post rock, ethno, industrial, ambient, techno, dub, trans, electro, hardcore, acid jazz, rhythm and blues, break beats, euro trance, hard trance, psy trance, garage, hip hop, abstract, reggae, electronic noise, jazz, old school. A total of 30 albums have been published under his name.

In 2018, for his distinguished contribution to the Polish culture, Komendarek was awarded with the honorary Meritorious of Polish Culture medal by the Polish Minister of Culture.

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