YUNIS (b. 1994 - Kafr El-Dauwar) is an Egyptian musician and music Producer. He has produced two albums until now ; «The Blue Djinn Dance» which was his first solo album, and «Ya Khal » which was a collaborative work with Ibrahim X. He is also a co-founder of Kafr El-Dauwar Records, an independent digital record label interested in contemporary and experimental music, founded by a group of young artists with the aim of creating a musical movement in the city, by supporting a group of artists to start their music from Kafr El-Dauwar with the potential of going with the music to the farthest point it could arrive.

In his music, YUNIS seeks inspiration from the popular Egyptian folkloric heritage, which boasts many instruments, tools, and musical styles. He then reads and analyzes the musical legacy and presents it with the forms of his contemporary time. 

# Electronic, Mahraganat, Moulid, Sufi, Synthesizer

Discography (Akuphone Only)