Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night In Sunda

Various Artists

Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night In Sunda

Various Artists

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# Jaipong, Pop Sunda, Indonesia, Gamelan, Folk, 
  • Vinyl including download card
  • Limited to 1000
  • Liner notes by Édouard Degay Delpeuch
  • Lyrics translation

Akuphone resumes its reissue operations with its latest compilation, Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night in Sunda. This release brings us once again to Southeast Asia, with a stopover in the Indonesian archipelago – to the region of Sunda in western Java. As its name suggests, this collection immerses us in the vibes of Sundanese nights at the turn of the 1980s. 

During the post-independence climate of the 1960s, Presidents Sukarno and Suharto encouraged artists to renew and innovate traditional Indonesian art forms in an attempt to limit and control the spread of Western music - which was banned from broadcasting in 1961. This policy saw a revival of traditional musical styles like gamelan degung, and the emergence of Indonesian singing genres: jaipong and pop sunda.

Recorded between 1978 and 1985, this unique and surprising selection presents some of the most popular artists of the time, such as Nano S. and Tati Saleh. It is richly documented by Southeast Asian music specialist Édouard Degay Delpeuch.

Lyrics and their translations are included, as well as a download code.

Avec la compilation Malam Minggu : A Saturday Night in Sunda, Akuphone reprend son activité de rééditions. Cette sortie nous embarque une nouvelle fois en Asie, l’escale se fait sur l’archipel indonésien, précisément à Sunda, la partie occidentale de l’île de Java. Comme son nom l’indique, cette collection nous plonge dans l’ambiance des nuits sundanaises au tournant des années 1980.  

Dans le contexte post-indépendance des années 1960, les présidents Sukarno et Suharto encouragent les artistes à donner aux formes artistiques indonésiennes un souffle nouveau. Si ces politiques culturelles visaient à limiter la propagation des musiques occidentales -qui sont interdites de diffusion dès 1961-, et à contrôler le contenu de celles-ci, elles ont aussi favorisé le renouveau de styles musicaux traditionnels comme le gamelan degung, et l’émergence de genres chansonniers proprement indonésiens : le jaipong et la pop Sunda

Issue d’enregistrements datant de 1978 à 1985, cette sélection unique et surprenante présente certain.e.s des artistes les plus populaires de l’époque comme Nano S. et Tati Saleh. Elle est richement documentée par Édouard Degay Delpeuch, chercheur, spécialiste des musiques d’Asie du Sud-Est. 

Les paroles et leur traduction sont inclues ainsi qu’un code de téléchargement.


ジャワ島西部スンダ地方の音楽革命の様子を克明にとらえたユニークかつエキサイティングなコンピレーションがフランス AKUPHONE レーベルからリリース! 
インドネシアの初代大統領スカルノは植民地制作から独立を果たして以降、1961年まで禁止されていた伝統芸能の革新 -- 西洋文化の要素を加え現代化し、独自の文化を確立することを奨励する政策を打ち出した。
監修は東南アジア音楽の専門家である Édouard Degay Delpeuch。

"Elegantly transportive and deeply dreamy, ‘Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night in Sunda’ is the first vinyl and download reissue of a 1991 compilation CD of traditional Indonesian gamelan and folk songs recorded between 1978-1985. Don’t miss Group Gentra Madya’s haunting ‘Gupay Pileuleuyan’ or the exquisite precision of their ‘Sambal Lada’, and the swingeing, Senyawa-esque syncopation of flutes, drums and vox in ‘Kulu Kulu Gancang’ by Mang Memed Group."  Boomkat Product Review.

"Sublime sounds from Indonesia – a set of work that mixes older gamelan modes with contemporary vocals – with a result that's completely amazing! If you like gamelan as much as we do, the approach here will still hold you rapt – as there's plenty of percussion and gong interplay at the core of most tunes – but the addition of vocals makes things even more compelling, because the lyrics of the tunes feel more like narrative passages than traditional vocals – and make for a transcendent quality we really didn't expect!"  Dusty Groove Product Review