Essentials 1996-1998

The Rootsman
Akuphone is pleased to present the first compilation dedicated to musician John Bolloten, aka The Rootsman. As a precocious punk, he formed his first band, State Oppression, in his teens. Yet he is best known for his dub music, a genre that gave him international recognition. Largely influenced by the rhythms of North Africa and the Middle East, he built his musical identity around samples from these regional repertoires. His encounter with Bryn Jones — better known as Muslimgauze — further defined his artistic path.

This selection offers an overview of his work from 1996 to 1998, a prolific period when Into The Light, 52 Days To Timbuktu, Union Of Souls (with Celtarabia) and Distant Voices (with Pachakuti) were released. A visionary production that predicted today’s growing international predilection for the musical heritage of the MENA regions.

The compilation is enriched with an explanatory preface by Mabrouk Hosni Ibn Aleya and illustrated with rare archival photos— all of which are contained in a superb jacket designed by the artist Ghiya Haydar.

Akuphone est heureux de présenter la première compilation consacrée au musicien John Bolloten alias The Rootsman. Punk précoce, il forme son premier groupe State Oppression à l’adolescence. C’est pourtant dans le dub qu’il excelle, obtenant une reconnaissance internationale. Largement influencé par les rythmes d’Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient, il forge son identité musicale autour de samples issus des répertoires de ces régions. Sa rencontre avec Bryn JonesMuslimgauze – précise davantage son cheminement artistique.

La présente sélection propose un aperçu de son travail de 1996 à 1998, une période prolifique qui voit notamment la sortie de Into The Light, 52 Days To Timbuktu, Union Of Souls (avec Celtarabia) et Distant Voices (avec Pachakuti). Une production visionnaire qui présage de l’intérêt grandissant de notre époque pour le patrimoine musical du MENA.

Cette sélection est enrichie d’une préface explicative signée Mabrouk Hosni Ibn Aleya et illustrée par de rares photos d’archives - le tout glissé dans une superbe pochette élaborée par l’artiste Ghiya Haydar.

  • Tracks A1, A2, A3 extract from Into The Light (Third Eye Music, 1996)Produced by The Rootsman
  • Tracks B1, B2, B3 extract from 52 Days To Timbuktu (Third Eye Music, 1998) Produced by The Rootsman
  • Tracks C1, C2, C3 extract from Union Of Souls (with Celtarabia) (Third Eye Music, 1998) Produced by The Rootsman and Celtarabia
  • Tracks D1, D2, D3 extract from Distant Voices (with The Disciples as Pachakuti) (Third Eye Music, 1998) Produced by Pachakuti
  • Compiled by Fabrice Gery
  • Liner notes by Mabrouk Hosni Ibn Aleya
  • Artwork by Ghiya Haidar
  • Mastered by Mark Gergis
  • Licensed by The Rootsman
  • Limited double vinyl with insert (500 only)
  • Limited hand-numbered official CDr (100 only)
  • Digital and streaming
Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Dub, reggae,Sample, Arabic, UK

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