Maza Gusu

Mikado Koko
On Maza Gusu, Mikado Koko transforms into Mother Goose, hissing Charles Perrault's fairy tales from her native tongue in your ears. Her unsettling, regressive voice is backed up by a subtle and chilling electronic soundscape sprinkled with traditional Japanese instruments, creating a realm of sound that feels both weirdly familiar and deeply unknown. Mother Koko hurls you deep down the rabbit hole, back to your darkest childhood anguishes, before gently leading you by the hand to a joyful catharsis. As you slowly get used to its disturbing familiarity, Koko’s music feels like waking up in the pale morning light, shaky but relieved after a feverish dream. 

In summer 2017 Mikado Koko started her solo career as a club music producer with the elements of Japanese traditional music. After many releases, remixes and compilations such as Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun (AKU1016), she now focuses on avant-garde poetry reading related to feminism and gender equality. 

  • Music and spoken word by Mikado Koko 
  • Japanese rhymes from Maza Gusu (1921) by Hakushu Kitahara
  • Recorded by Mikado Koko and Yasuna Ide at office MIKADO (2019/20)
  • Mastered by Mark Gergis in London.
  • Photo and effects by Mikado Koko and Yasuna Ide
  • Original cover illustration Yuku Haru (1925) by Hasui Kawase
  • Original label Illustration (1909) by Jessie Willcox Smith
  • Layout by Akuphone
  • Limited vinyl with uncoated sleeve, printed inner and download card (300 only)
  • Audio Usb-Card (including one bonus track)
  • Limited hand-numbered official CDr (100 only)
  • Digital and streaming
Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Japan, Spoken word, Sound Poetry, Kids

© 2021 Mikado Koko ℗ 2021 Akuphone