ABADIR and Pie Are Squared

ABADIR and Pie Are Squared

A shared interest of lo-fi, degraded and distorted sounds and an abundance of source material created the concept that brought Egyptian producers ABADIR & Pie Are Squared together to make this mixtape. Wujidat is born of a willingness to shed light upon music that’s been largely forgotten and to experiment with production techniques and sounds that exist outside their solo projects and other collaborations. Indeed on first listen, it might sound distant from their regular output, closer listens reveal the same attention to detail, sound design and curation that characterises their separate musical endeavours. 

ABADIR is a music producer and sound designer born in Cairo, Egypt. His work focuses on experimental, glitch and ambient music, and he's one half of the duo 0N4B.

Pie Are Squared is the ambient/drone solo project of Italy based, Egyptian producer and sound designer Mohammed Ashraf. He is also a member of metal bands Postvorta and Void of Sleep in addition to duos Śruti and Aken’s Sleep.

Discography (Akuphone Only)
  • Wujidat. 2021 (Cassette/Digital/CDr AKU1032)