Dali China

Kink Gong + Li Daiguo
The prolific Kink Gong (aka Laurent Jeanneau) returns in a unique duet with one of the most prominent artists of the Chinese avantgardist scene Li Daiguo. Kink Gong and Li Daiguo first met in Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Province, China) while playing the same night at the Jahbar music venue. 

A few months later, as they become neighbors in Cai Cun, a village near the old town of Dali (Yunnan), Kink Gong begins recording Daiguo playing Pipa, Cello and Zheng. He then proceeded to deconstruct these recordings while adding voices that he mainly recorded in Yunnan Province. This fantastic combination of field recordings, experimental folk melodies and electronic treatment leads us to a fourth underground universe reminiscent of Jon Hassell's finest hours. 

  • Pipa, Cello, Zheng performed by LI DAIGUO and recorded by LAURENT JEANNEAU in Cai Cun Dali, Yunnan, China on 11/11/2011
  • Voices recorded by LAURENT JEANNEAU in China and Laos 2006-2013. 
  • Recomposed by KINK GONG in 2011-2018. 
  • Cover: Yi embroidery, Yunnan, China
  • Layout by Akuphone. 
  • Mastered by J-P Bameulle
  • Vinyl with download code
  • Digital
Tags: Field Recordings, Avantgarde, Experimental, Chinese Folk, Modern Classical