Berrocal, Fenech, Epplay

Berrocal, Fenech, Epplay

The music of Jac Berrocal - David Fenech - Vincent Epplay sometimes evokes the mystery of wide landscape, sometimes the bustle of big cities... They often play accompanied by the films of Vincent Epplay, who is also a visual artist. The unique presence of Jac Berrocal (on vocals and trumpet) both punk icon and free jazz gives their shows an indescribable urgency.

"It’s like The Bonzo Dog Band meeting Scott Walker, with Codona booked for the interval music" ( Brian Morton, The Wire )

 # Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Dark Ambiant, Experimental, Poetry

  • Jac Berrocal: Trumpet, Voice
  • David Fenech: Voice, Lyrics, Drum Processing, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Rhythmic Patterns, Hand Clapping, Electronic Rhythm, Percussion,
  • Vincent Epplay: Synthesizer, Electronics, Voice, Sampling, Persephone, Effects, Drums, Field Recordings

Discography (Akuphone only)
  • Exterior Lux. 2020 (LP/DL AKU1026)
  • Transcodex. 2022 (LP/DL AKU1037) -- soon --